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"Dr Robby's observations were completely spot on, nearly to the point of being unbelievable.  He is clearly an intuitive and talented analyst.” Emily Goldsher,
“Dr Robby- he is a Gevalt! Did my analysis - via handwriting- pretty much perfect.” Raquel
“This is an incredible graphologist who can tell you a ton about you just by looking at your handwriting. I highly recommend meeting him, he's amazing!” Nathalie
“I gave Dr Robby a short sample [of my handwriting] and, in just a few minutes, he told me 18 different things about myself.  All of them were accurate!  Some of those things were a revelation…I have to thank Robby for the insights he gave me.  His skill at handwriting analysis is truly amazing.  Robby’s insights could transform your life!” Miriam

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New York: Center for Jewish History• J Levine• •JCC on 76th• Jewish Museum at 92nd Workman Circle/Los Angeles: Solomon's book store/San Francisco: Contemporary Jewish Museum, Afikomen/ San Diego: Warwick's• DZ Akins • Hatikva/Tel Aviv: Diaspora Museum/ Amsterdam: Museum of Portuguese Synagogue • Portuguese Synagogue/Paris: Librairie du Temple• Memorial de la Shoah• Diasporama

Watch Dr Robby analyzing the handwriting of Bette Middler,  Adam Sandler, Matisyahu, Jackie Mason, A.Cunanan D. Trump M. Monroe M. Jackson M. Lewinski and more

Dr Robby shines new light on celebrity lives from Hollywood to Israel, and beyond, by telling what handwriting reveals about intellect, subconscious motives, loves, fears, and drives. In addition, the book contains brief biographies and pertinent background information about Jews in history as well as principles of handwriting analysis. Check on YouTube

Benjamin Franklin wrote, “Clothes advertise the man.”


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- Febr 1, 2012, Chofit Hadassah, Carlsbad, San Diego

- March 20, 2012, Hadassa North County, San Diego

Dr Robby has presented in many different locations and to a variety of audiences: PAST PRESENTATIONS

Dr Robert Yaronne, in his engaging book /The Genius of Jewish Celebrities: What their Handwriting Reveals /premises signatures also advertise the man; through them one truly enters the confessional. This volume, filled with colorful photographs, thumbnail biographies and celebrity signatures will make a most welcome addition to all coffee tables.Marlene Wagman-Geller, author of /Once Again to Zelda: The Stories Behind Literature’s Most Intriguing Dedications /(Penguin Publishing/2008)

Dr Robby April 2010 San Diego Jewish Journal
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